The Difficulty of Being a Dentist

   Being a dentist isn't a easy job. I have been to many dental clinics, and seen them, and I can tell it requires a lot of energy and good mind-set. They are always on-time, ready to do whatever they have to do.

   I want to become a dentist and be the person who people admires and wants to follow. Through my job in the clinic, I can help others, which I really want to be able to do, and make them healthier. Making someone have a better day will make me happy because I know I made a difference in the life of someone.

   Even though at times it can be really tough and hard to overcome, I will try my best to achieve my goal. Through reaching my goal, I will always be proud and have good maintenance in my routines and tasks.

   Trusting someone can be a really hard thing to do. I want to become a person that others can rely on, and whom others can trust. People would think of a typical dentist, but I don't want to be a typical plain old dentist. I want to be a unique dentist, and one who can make a person's mood happy, one who people can trust, and one who people can rely on. These are my passions and I want to aim to be the best I can be.


  1. Hi Chaeun...
    It is very cool how you made this article...
    I hope you can become the dentist that you want to be!

    -Your mommy

  2. I really like how you're seeking to be a dentist who truly cares about their patients. Keep it up and I hope you reach your goals!